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      1. 【中文版】|【ENGLISH】
        High/low viscosity 107 room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber

        Product No. 


        Technical index

        Appearance: colorless transparent flow liquid

        Viscosity (25℃),mm2∕S:

        107-A: 300~1000
        107-B: 1500~4000
        107-C: 5000~100000CS
        107-D: 150000CS~1000000CS
        107-E: 1000000CS以上

        Volatile matter (150℃,3hr),%< 2.0%

        Surface vulcanizing time (hr): ≤2


        Insulation, shockproof, dampproof of electronic and electrical components
        Building joint sealant; 
        Release agent, adhesive, separant.

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